April 29 / / Concept art

I recently bought an iPad Air and started using it as a production device. Being mostly an illustrator and concept artist that’s what I’m trying to especially do with it, and this is a post about my first experiment painting on the iPad with Procreate.

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November 8 / / Alexey

Some days ago I was told by his wife that a great artist and precious friend passed away. Alexey was a very good man and a passionate concept artist: during our friendship he created a huge amount of sketches and concepts that I now keep like the most precious treasure, together with his photos, e-mails, chats and documents.

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September 28 / / Videogames

Is the gaming industry about providing high quality entertainment and being paid for that, or is it just a matter of milking as much money as possible from gamers? Is absolute quality still a value for game developers, in this new era of gaming?

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September 6 / / Videogames