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If you’re into art then it’s very probable you joined at least one online community; places like CGHub, CGSociety, DeviantArt, GFXArtist, etc are very popular and they gather the best artists around plus a huge number of wannabe artists. These communities are requiring you to register, they usually won’t let you delete your account ever (using some arbitrary excuses and without saying this before you join them…) but on the other hand c’mon, they let you show your art to the world and receive precious feedback,  get in contact with companies that are waiting for you to give you a job, and they also have hundreds of master artists that are there only for the sake of helping you learn and improve so that you can steal their job as soon as possible. That was all quite ironic, as you can guess. This is a lenghty post and I could edit it for making it shorter, in a distant future. Prepare for a long rant after the break!

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